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Sinusoidal RosIO Card that reduces cost by combining several interfaces and saves space. It has 3 ultrasonic module input decoder, up to six 0-5V range analog input, 1 joystick interface with 2 buttons, 2 pwm outputs, 3 digital outputs. Each ultrasonic module capable up to 4 ultrasonic horns.


Ultrasonic Module Decoding Interfaces

Each ultrasonic module interface capable to decode 4 horn ultrasonic module. Each ultrasonic module interface can be energized from ros topics as Bool message. Ultrasonic modules’ data handled at rosdriver and each horn’s range message published as Range message with same frame id. Each decoder interface runs at 10 Hz.

Analog Input Interfaces

Each analog input interface can be used 0-5V with output analog sensors.
Each interface has 12bit resolution.
Each analog input interface supports varios of sensors like;

 Infrared distance sensors,
 Analog accelerometers,
 Analog gyroscopes etc.
Analog interfaces from 1-6 has handled at rosdriver as infrared inputs as example, each analog information scaled to max infrared range and published as Range message.

Joystick Input Interface

Joystick interface has 2 analog inputs for potentiometer inputs X,Y, and 2 digital 24V inputs for joystick button.
The ros driver example publishes the sensor_msgs/Joy message.

Digital Output Interfaces

Each digital output interface has an open drain output 4.2A 40V maximum. 3 of them can be used for RGB led strip drive with one PWM output. Each digital output interface can be energized from appropriate ros topic as Bool message.

PWM Output Interfaces

Each digital pwm interface has an open drain output 4.2A 40V maximum with PWM frequency ~1Khz 8 bit resolution. Ros control topic of Pwm output interfaces shown in example python test file. Ros message type is UINT8.